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6) Escort Username: here on, We are unbiased, We will never put out heads in the sand because here the Punter comes first! We understand that on some other websites like ie AdultWork escorts are listed with a username, you are free to add this username in your review, if you know it and if you think that it could benefit other punters.

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10) Escort Personal Website Link: If the escort doesn’t have a personal website but ONLY works for an establishment the link has to point to the escort personal profile. If the escort has ONLY a profile on Adultwork (or any other directory) you shall post the link on your review. is here for the benefit of the punter and don’t apply stupid rules like some other website where you can’t even mention adultwork. This is the ONLY place where the punter is a King! We are unbiased!

11) Overall Escort Physical Appearance: this is from your unique point of view. A score of 8 or more should be reserved ONLY for escorts of truly exceptional beauty.

12) Overall Escort Rating: an escort provider may only be eligible to earn up to a 7, unless she’s also willing to performs the following during a session: DFK, OWO, CIM, A-level and/or Couples or any other service considered to be above the average. The addition of each offering will raise the score the escort is eligible for by one point. The above does not mean that the escort earns extra points for performing the service; is simply eligible to earn a higher score. The maximum eligible score is based on what is offered, not what is taken. You may or may not be interested in the “extra” services on offer, however, the simple fact that the escort offers them makes her eligible for the higher score. If your review doesn’t follow accurately the above rules, we will adjust it accordingly.

13) A Punter can ONLY post four reviews about the same establishment in a four months period.

14) A Punter can review the same escort after a six months period, the new review will remove the old one, the new review will have to be a complete re-write of the previous one.

15) reserves the right to ban providers/establishments/punters found to have written fake reviews or those that are constantly in breach of rules and terms.

16) An Escort has the right to write a rebuttal to a review.

17) will not publish reviews that contains insults or any politically inappropriate wording.

18) Every review has to be timely, will only publish reviews about session that took place within the last three months.

19) Escorts and/or establishments can hyperlink their reviews to making well clear that the reviews belong to, every escort/establishment found in breach of this rule will have all their review on removed and will get banned to receive others.

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