Helen of Milton Keynes by Geeky Prosecco posted on 26/03/2019

Helen of Milton Keynes

Review by Geeky Prosecco posted on 26/03/2019

Escort Working Name

Establishment Name
Annabellas Escorts

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Milton Keynes


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Type of Visit

Length of Service
1 hour

Price in GBP

Escort Location
One of several locations in MK. Copious parking opposite (paid). Also about 25 minute walk from Central MK rail station.

Escort Physical Description
Tall Estonian redhead. Very pretty face; toned body, lovely figure.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
8 – Steaming Hot

Services Enjoyed
Kissing, OWO, RO, Covered sex in mish

Did the Escort Offer Bareback Sex?

Was the Escort a Smoker?

Session Details
This meeting took place in January but I have only just got round to writing a review.

Helen came in wearing bright pink underwear (the sort you could see in the dark) and black heels – very nice. To be honest I was stunned by her looks and figure. Having exchanged pleasantries and paperwork I was keen to get my clothes off and then we lay on the bed. Some very nice light kissing while Helen played with my cock, which, truth to tell, was already ready for action. After a few minutes I asked Helen to remove her (few) items of clothing. Wow – such lovely breasts and a nice, smooth pussy.

I couldn’t resist some RO which Helen seemed to enjoy. After doing this for a while (well I sort of lost track of time) Helen suggested we swop positions and I was treated to some lovely oral together with ‘hand work’…really enjoyable.

Helen then asked if I was ready to have sex. This was actually a very interesting question and, after several minutes thinking about this (during which I pondered the wonder that is the aurora borealis) I decided that my answer would be in the affirmative. Ok, perhaps it was half a second.

Helen put on a condom (well she didn’t put it on, except she did…er, well you know what I mean), applied some lube and then we were off in missionary. This was very…sensual. Helen won’t give you the ‘oh baby, yeah, yeah’ treatment, so if that’s your thing you probably need to look elsewhere. However, for me it was bloody gorgeous.
After a long time (I’m guessing 8 minutes), Helen decided it was time to bring things to a (ahem) climax. So it was off with the rubber, my cock was lubed up and an exquisite hand job resulted in an intense orgasm.
Thankfully there was still some time for a chat with Helen about the aurora australis (and by now you are probably wondering what the f**k is my fixation with lights in the sky), The National (no, not the horse race – look it up) and whether there will be a no deal Brexit…but I digress.
In summary, a super hour spent with a beautiful, sensual woman. Hey, what else could you wish for?

Overall Experience Rating
8 – Mind-blowing

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes, but with reserve.

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