LadyMaya89 of London by Marshall posted on 05/12/2018

LadyMaya89 of London

Review by Marshall posted on 05/12/2018

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2 hours

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Saw the very lovely Maya at her lovely flat in a quiet side road in an otherwise fairly busy part of town, not too far at all from the nearest tube. Safe area, with hardly anyone around when I was there early evening. Good-sized, clean, bright and airy apartment, with a comfy lounge area with sofa’s (where the ‘action’ can start, if you fancy it – Maya did, lol!), and a spotless bathroom with an excellent shower and fluffy towels. Great bedroom, with large, beautifully-made bed and, SO typical of the EXTREMELY naughty Maya, mirrors ALL over the place, including a mirror-tiled wall facing the foot of the bed and, probably best of all, a full width, full height mirrored wardrobe on one side of the bed – basically, you get a ‘panoramic’ view of the ‘action’ from any angle you please which, when having sex with Maya, is pretty damn amazing! ;))

Escort Physical Description
If you like the exotic, Middle-Eastern ‘look’, which I do, then you’ll absolutely spunk your pants when you clap eyes on Maya! She must be the reincarnation of the Persian Goddess Haurvatat who was, apparently, the personification of perfection. And Maya is exactly that – completely perfect, with a lovely, extraordinarily expressive face, with large, man-melting, almond-shaped eyes and full lips, long, slightly tousled, luscious, raven-black hair, a taut-yet-curvy little body with a deliciously flat tummy, shapely legs, peachy, apple-butt, perky boobs and a pair of adorable nipples which are seemingly permanently erect – she did SO get turned on during this session! ;))
Greeted me, as requested, in instantaneously jaw-dropping and cock erecting fantasy attire – shiny black, killer-heeled, platform-soled, over-the-knee boots and a few bits of barely-there lingerie – this was the sight that met my gaze as I rounded the corner of Maya’s stairs, with her posing and preening for my delectation as I stopped dead in my tracks to relish the sight – what a TOTALLY brilliant start to our session?! ;))
I soon had her down to NOTHING but the boots (and cheeky smile!), which she kept on ALL session – WOW! Good girl! ;)) And not only that, at one point we were both getting pretty hot, and I offered Maya to take off her boots, if they were getting too hot, but she said she’d keep them on (Maya just turned the fan up) – REALLY good girl – WOW!! ;))
And Maya has to be one of the nicest human beings (male, female; escort or otherwise) I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She’s welcoming, incredibly friendly, cheerful, happy, good natured, warm-hearted and really just absolutely adorable – I just kept wanting to pop kisses on her, she’s so lovely. And she has a delightfully carefree, sparkling personality – she’s a bit of a ‘character’, super-smiley, vivacious and slightly zany – we spent a lot of time just having a laugh. And she’s clever, ‘educated’, sassy and interesting to chat to – this Persian princess would easily keep King Shahryar entertained, Scheherazade-style, for many a long night!

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
9 – Model Type

Services Enjoyed
Maya delivers pretty much everything you’d want, really, with enthusiasm and passion – DFK, OWO, ‘VERY nearly-DT’ (she did give it a really good go and, with a bit of gagging, did manage to get most of me in, lol!), DATY, 69, rimming (I’d made sure my bum was absolutely spotless – didn’t want to miss out on that treat!), wanking, ‘edging’, sex in multiple positions (pussy and anal) – and on the sofa, and on the bed and on the floor!. Basically, I can’t imagine there’s too much Maya won’t do! ;)) She’s one of THE naughtiest ladies out there! ;))

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Session Details
“Hey pretty baby with the high heels on,
You give me fever
Like I’ve never, ever known,
You’re just a product of loveliness”

This (from ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ by the late, great, if slightly disturbed/disturbing, Michael Jackson) actually IS Maya! She had her (black-booted) high heels on; she most certainly gave me fever; and she was, indeed, a product of loveliness!
And it goes on:

“The way you make me feel,
You really turn me on,
You knock me off of my feet”

ALL true – she made me feel great; she REALLY turned me on; and just the very sight of her knocked me off my feet!
This was one of the GREAT sessions – a totally relaxed, ‘effortless’ mix of completely uninhibited, anything-goes, raunchy fuck-fest and truly tender moments which is pretty much unique to Maya.
She is such a sexual woman, and REALLY gets into it – she just wants to give pleasure to, and receive pleasure from, her men. I couldn’t get enough of her, and just wanted to explore all the things that could be enjoyed with her body and mind – and Maya was absolutely more than happy to continue this mutual exploration of our sexuality. Got up to all sorts of fun and games, including a brilliant ‘edging interlude’ where she wanked two pre-cums out of me pretty much without let up, spunk dribbling uncontrollably as Maya eagerly sucked it up, and some down-right filthy fucking, with orgasms all round, especially after a vigorous bout of ‘sumo-doggy’ anal, me mounted up high behind Maya, with her urging me on to ‘Give me your filthy spunk’ as I exploded in her arse – a REAL expletive-ridden orgasm! And all this on view in the huge mirrors – OMG; does it get any better than this?
Well actually, yes it does, because with Maya there was this totally fun element, with lots of laughs and her ‘dramatic’ facial expressions (SUCH a turn-on) – at one point she was so into it, I thought she might actually devour me! ;))
So, a totally brilliant, fun-filled and filthy session with a TOTALLY brilliant woman – the ultimate ‘PFE’ (Porn Friend Experience!). I’ll be back as soon as I can for more of what this amazing woman delivers! D xx

Overall Experience Rating
10 – The Best!!!

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!

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