Effy of London by Infrequent Mike posted on 27/10/2018

Effy of London

Review by Infrequent Mike posted on 27/10/2018

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House of Divine

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1 hour

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A flat in a well-to-do street in Victoria. Room was clean and attractively decorated. Facilities (such as showers) were very good. Staff were great – cheerful, welcoming. I was offered a drink, and put very much at my ease.

Escort Physical Description
Effy was as beautiful as her photos on the website. Tall, slender, graceful, with blue eyes that it was very hard to look away from. The tattoos were a surprise, but they added to her allure. She really has a lovely face, and a perfect body. I don’t say that lightly. If I have a physical type, it’s different from Effy’s, but I loved everything about the way she looked and the way she moved. The score out of ten below… well, I went for nine rather than ten because I don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating for effect. These things are subjective in any case, and no two people are going to agree on what counts as perfect beauty. Maybe there is no perfect beauty. Effy is legitimately gorgeous. She’d catch your attention and hold it in any setting.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
9 – Model Type

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Session Details
Effy welcomed me warmly, with a kiss. The money taken care of, she asked me what I liked and if there was anything she should steer clear of. And then… well, then I got everything I asked for, and everything I wanted. Mechanical descriptions of sex don’t really do it for me. What I will say is that Effy was a wonderful lover – and being with her was an adventure. When I asked for something specific, she responded with enthusiasm and imagination. I loved kissing her, and going down on her, and having her go down on me. I had an hour of perfect pleasure, then walked out into the real world again slightly dazed and distracted. Apologies for the lack of detail, but that’s all I want to say. Oh, and I went for nine again in the ratings because “the best” seems like an unreasonable yardstick. Was sex with Effy the best sex I’ve ever had in my entire life? No, because I’m an old fart and not a bedroom athlete any more. But it was an experience I won’t forget, for all the right reasons.

Overall Experience Rating
9 – Unforgettable

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!

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