Scarlett Soho of London by SLondon posted on 30/09/2018

Scarlett Soho of London

Review by SLondon posted on 30/09/2018

Escort Working Name
Scarlett Soho

Establishment Name
Soho Walkup










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Length of Service
30 minutes

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Escort Location
Soho Walkup 70a Berwick Street LF
The maid opened the door.I was let in the room. The room is quite dark and the window was closed. The room is quite dirty and dusty. In the room, there was a clock on the desk taken from the waiting room.

Escort Physical Description
Scarlett is average young looking lady could be 23-26 year old. She has acne/blemishes on her face. She has long curly redish brown hair. Small tits hairy bush. She has belly fat. When she is on Cowgirl, you can feel she is not petite.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
4 – Ok if you are desperate

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Session Details
Having sorted out the finance for 30 minutes booking for £85 after knowing she charged extra for almost everything(£10 each for Tits kissing,fingering , kissing etc ) She took off her clothes. I held her hands,I felt the skin on her hands were not smooth. I lay down on the bed she kissed my neck and chest while trying to make me hard using her hand. I felt rushed. It took a while to get me hard. When she tried to get a condom she found out the wet-wipe ran out. She went outside to get a pack of wipe and had a quick chat with the maid. She came back. I got soft again. She gave me bj with condom. She got me hard ,she took it off threw it in the bin. She put a new condom on and put lots of lube . She climbed on the top cowgirl. There was no eye contact and did not smile. I felt her pussy loose I could not feel anything. I got soft again and she tried to make me hard and gave me handjob while kissing my chest and neck. I found her service mechanical and passive. I need to tell her what to do . I cum after 20 minutes. She went out to wash her hand. She came back and dressed up even I still had 5-7 minutes left before the time was up. We had a quick chat and she told me someone was waiting outside, she went out to get ready for the next punter when I dressed up in the room.

Overall Experience Rating
4 – Rushed

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Forget it!

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