Jamie and Ella of London by @john1592164 posted on 23/08/2018

Jamie and Ella of London

Review by @john1592164 posted on 23/08/2018

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Jamie and Ella

Establishment Name
House of Divine

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Length of Service
45 minutes

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Discrete basement flat minutes from Victoria Station.

Escort Physical Description
Both girls are stunningly beautiful. Profile pictures are accurate.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
10 – The Epitome of Beauty

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Session Details
My first meeting with Jamie. Her profile pics are amazing but her recent Twitter pics are insanely hot. Jamie works in Milton Keynes a lot but I was really hoping for an opportunity to meet her in London. She is stunning and has an amazing figure
Ella I’ve met twice before and she simply fucking blows me away. Nothing compares to a meeting with Ella. She is hot as fuck and her personality and attitude are just great fun. I’m hopelessly addicted to her and couldn’t wait to see her again.
In London with a small window of opportunity. Both girls were at the same location on the same day and I knew that if I made a booking with one I’d instantly regret not seeing the other. So what’s a guy to do. Fuck it, see them both. Booked in advance to secure a time and confirmed by text the morning of our meeting. I arrived a bit early and called to see if it was ok to come down and have a shower. No problem whatsoever said the maid who showed me to the bathroom and got me a fresh towel, a glass of orange juice was also most welcome. Showered and back in the room I took the opportunity to sort out finances and left it by the bedside clock. It stayed there untouched and not even discussed until I was about to walk out the door.

After the briefest of waits both girls came in and it was like all my birthdays and Christmases had come at once. Both looked absolutely stunning. Ella threw her arms around me and was straight in for a welcoming deep kiss. It was great to see her again and I had missed her like fuck. Jamie and I introduced ourselves with a kiss and a hug. Jamie is just stunning and more gorgeous than I could ever have imagined. As we embraced and kissed Ella whipped off my towel. Asking what I wanted I just said do your worst so without even needing to be asked she dropped down and took me in her mouth for amazing OWO whilst Jamie and I became better acquainted. Jamie has the most amazing slim figure and an incredible pair of tits. As Ella sucked my cock I kissed Jamie and took her tits in my mouth. Ella suggested we move to the bed and as Jamie sat on my face Ella carried on where she had left off. There is nothing like  the view of looking up and seeing a ladies breasts and face of ecstasy as your tongue goes to work. After a few minutes the girls swapped places and I was treated to Jamie riding me cowgirl whilst Ella sat on my face. More work for the tongue and as Jamie wonderfully rode me , after a few minutes Ella came.

Sex in doggy with Jamie as Ella laid on the bed and recovered. Jamie was just amazing and I was able to hold her beautiful slim waste whilst pounding away. I was a little worried that Ella was being left out and asked if she wanted to swap. No you’ve never met Jamie before so why don’t you give her a good hard fucking she replied. Well if you insist babe so I enjoyed a wonderful and prolongued session with Jamie
I always have great fun with Ella both in the room and online. There is always an element of piss taking and I couldn’t resist taking a dig. Yeah you just lay there you lazy bitch and Jamie and I will do all the work I said. Ella responded in true Ella style. Looking me straight in the eye she inserted two fingers in her pussy and brought herself off to another climax whilst looking at me all the time. No wonder I love this girl. Cock going in and out of Jamie and Ella in ecstasy, pure heaven. More piss taking and winding each other up, poor Jamie must have thought we were nuts.

The rest of the meeting is a blur to be honest. I enjoyed sex with both girls in various positions, missionary, doggy, cow girl, I was treated to it all. Sucking, fucking, licking and Ella biting my nipples. It was like starring in my own porn film. With time pushing on I asked for a cum in mouth finish. An incredible double blow job and I could take no more and experienced an incredibly intense climax. My second in 24 hours after experiencing the same with one of the girls unbelievably beautiful colleagues the evening before. Yes Elizabeth I do mean you.
Greedy girl Ella swallowed and left the room to freshen up for a minute and Jamie and I kissed and cuddled. Fuck me she is so gorgeous. Romanian girls don’t always get the best press but that long dark hair, dark eyes and insane body is one hell of a look. A gorgeous looking girl and I was pleased to have finally met her. For a first meeting Jamie was so at ease and friendly and for my first threesome both she and Ella totally put me at ease and there were no nerves at all. Nerves with Ella around, like there was ever going to be any.

Ella rejoined us and I cuddled, kissed and chatted to both of these amazing ladies. Sadly my time was up and it was time to go.

As I got up off the bed to get dressed Ella couldn’t resist a final swipe. She smacked my bare arse and told me to get the fuck outa there. The light hearted banter and sometimes absolute piss taking is a highlight of seeing Ella. Others have commented on her attitude and suggested she is a bit brash. I absolutely love her attitude and if you are prepared to engage and share a bit of banter you will be rewarded with an even more amazing experience. If you can’t have fun with Ella then you may as well give up the game as you’ll never have fun with any escort.

A kiss with both ladies and I was off. An incredible time with two absolute stunners.
Thank you Jamie  for meeting me and giving me the time of my life. You are stunning and it was great to see you finally.
Ella what can I say, you’re a beautiful crazy bitch and I fucking love you.
An experience never to be forgotten and mental images to take to the grave.

Overall Experience Rating
10 – The Best!!!

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!

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