Ella of London by @john1592164 posted on 29/06/2018

Ella of London

Review by @john1592164 posted on 29/06/2018

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House of Divine

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1 hour

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Easy to find and spacious flat near to Pimlico Tube. Easy to find, discrete and safe.

Escort Physical Description
Beautiful Spanish lady dressed in sexy lingerie. I find her quite stunning and she looked amazing when I met her.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
10 – The Epitome of Beauty

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Session Details
Second visit to this location in just under 24 hours after a visit the previous evening to one of Ella’s beautiful colleagues. Same bedroom and as Ella knew of my previous evening appointment it added a bit of spice to proceedings. Yes Ella I am a dirty bastard. Two months since I last saw Ella and I was dying to see her again. Booked in advance and confirmed by text on the morning of booking. I finished work commitments early and was able to extend to an hour

Quick shower on arrival and Ella came in shortly afterwards looking just stunning. My towel and Ella’s lingerie quickly dispensed with and we were on the bed. Nothing but the utmost respect to Ella but she knew I had missed her and was desperate to fuck her again. A few minutes catching up with a kiss and a chat and then straight down to business. Into 69 and then I went down for some reverse oral. What happened next will stay with me forever. Ella got her phone and took some pictures of me going down on her, one of which she later Tweeted. This was Ella at her insane best and it’s exactly why I love her to bits. Actually felt quite honoured that she took my pic. Ella came and we kissed and chatted for a few minutes whilst she recovered.

Back to business after a short break and we were off in Missionary and again Ella came.
Short break again and into Doggy and again Ella came.
Reverse Cowgirl with the amazing view of my cock going into Ella’s pussy, thanks for leaning forward so I could get a better view. Ella turned for normal Cowgirl and rode the life out of me and after a while we both magically came at the same time. Both knackered we collapsed in a hot and sweaty heap on the bed.

Time was pushing on and the remainder of our time together was spent chatting about all sorts of stuff including her forthcoming holiday and her friend who is about to join the industry. I love chatting to Ella and would pay for a booking just to hear of her insane antics. Love the party pictures of Ella and her mates.
The hour flew by and I sadly had to leave to catch the train home. A fantastic meeting with this absolute legend who I absolutely adore.

Would I recommend: Hell yeah
Would I return: try and fucking stop me.

Thank you Ella, until next time xx

Overall Experience Rating
10 – The Best!!!

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!

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