Maya and Emma of London by Marshall posted on 29/06/2018

Maya and Emma of London

Review by Marshall posted on 29/06/2018

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2 hours

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Saw the delightful and VERY naughty Lady Maya and her equally delightful and naughty friend EmmaKisses ( at Emma’s very nice apartment in a purpose-built tower block in a smart part of town. Hardly anyone about when I was there around rush-hour time, although I had to ‘negotiate’ Reception – but Emma had texted me full instructions on how to do that – very easy, as it turned out – and lady on the desk paid me no heed, so this aspect was no problem at all.
Smallish flat, but more than enough room for three naughty people to have a LOT of fun! Spotlessly clean and tidy; excellent shower and fluffy towels. And full width, sliding balcony doors, wide open because it was a very hot day, giving a panoramic view of London, which is nice, but what’s even nicer is the thought that anyone out there might be watching our sexy antics, even though they will be quite a way away – gotta put on a show for the voyeurs! ;)) However, there are curtains if you wanted a more private session.

Escort Physical Description
OMG!! If you like exotic, dark-eyed, raven-haired, Mediterranean/Persian beauties, which I do, then you’ll absolutely spunk your pants when you clap eyes on Maya and Emma! As I say, they have fabulous eyes and luscious locks, as well as beautiful bodies, with great legs and nice, ‘cheeky’ boobs – and those lovely faces could gaze at me until hell freezes over and I wouldn’t tire of seeing them, lol! And these two lovely faces are incredibly expressive – one minute they’re all smiles, the next they’re burning me up with downright raunchy face-pulling – and their orgasm grimaces have to be seen to be believed!
Greeted me, as requested, in black boots, ‘strappy’ ones for Maya, over-the-knee for Emma, and VERY sexy, barely-there, black lingerie – in fact, Emma’s was so barely there it was open-crotched! They were just a pair of outrageous, jaw-dropping, eye-popping, cock-erecting visions of sexuality – I got a hard-on in my trousers within a few moments of seeing them! ;))
And Maya and Emma have to be two of the nicest human beings (male, female; escort or otherwise) I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting; they’re welcoming, friendly, absolutely adorable and phenomenally easy to get on with. I’ve seen Maya twice before, so we were completely comfortable with each other already, but I felt instantly comfortable with Emma after her lovely, warm greeting at the door – I just felt as if I was with two dear friends right from ‘the off’. And, very importantly for me, they are both GREAT FUN – so relaxed and ‘up’ for pretty much anything, however crazy – had a real ‘laugh’ together, especially when the girls were taking photos and getting into all sorts of angles and positions for the most ‘porno’ shots.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
9 – Model Type

Services Enjoyed
Excellent service – pretty much everything you’d want, really – all sorts from their AW Profile pages ‘Enjoys’ lists – DFK (really great!), OWO, ‘nearly-DT’ (they did give it a good go, lol!), DATY, 69, wanking, ‘edging’, toys, sex in multiple positions, full interaction between the two girls – and everything delivered with gusto and passion. Basically, having met them, I can’t imagine there’s too much these two ladies won’t do! ;)) They’re VERY naughty!

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Session Details
You can keep your Holmes and Watson, Riggs and Murtaugh or Thelma and Louise, the only ‘dynamic duo’ worth taking about is LadyMaya and EmmaKisses! These two ladies took me on a ludicrously outrageous roustabout session of ribald sex and FUN – they fair wore me out, lol!
There wasn’t a moment when something sexy wasn’t happening, right from the moment I was in the bedroom with Maya determinedly getting my trousers off to ‘unleash’ my erection, with Emma looking on laughing, to Emma, stark naked, snogging me ‘Goodbye’ at the door.
Meanwhile, in between it was a female orgasm fest – Maya came twice; first time in 69 (with Emma also doing the ‘honours’ on my member); second time as she bounced up-and-down on me in cowgirl, with Emma using a vibrator on her clit. Emma also came twice; first time in 69 (the girls had swapped places), but this time with Maya licking her arse from above (and sometimes craning down to kiss me), whilst my busy tongue worked on her clit from below – fucking outrageous; was a ‘first’ for me! ;)) Second one was an absolute ‘belter’ – me taking Emma from behind in doggy whilst she buzzed her clit with a vibrator, with Maya generally teasing her, and me, from all angles! As for me, after the fabulous OWO and 69, the girls treated me to an expert ‘edging’ session, with each one in turn getting a pretty impressive amount of pre-cum out of me – one spurt even hit me on the shoulder – RESPECT!
Then it’s straight into fucking – all sorts, in particular me taking Emma in doggy whilst Maya pulled my balls back from behind – GREAT sensation – and anal on Maya whilst Emma videoed it from all angles, lol! And all the time these ladies are all over me and each other, and kiss me, and each other, like it’s going out of fashion – and we just have FUN; their good nature and sense of humour is absolutely infectious – you just CAN NOT have anything but a great time with them! Finished off with the girls side-by-side on their knees, and me on my back with my legs spread over each girls thighs whilst they indulged in a ‘wanking competition’, alternately really fuckin’ going for it to bring me off first – my orgasm was blistering, a real vocal, expletive-ridden one – WOW!
So, a TOTALLY brilliant session with two of the VERY best ladies on AW – I’ll be back, obviously, lol! 😀 xx

Overall Experience Rating
10 – The Best!!!

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!

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