Monique of London by Marshall posted on 22/06/2018

Monique of London

Review by Marshall posted on 22/06/2018

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London Tantric

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2 hours

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Monique currently works out of her own apartment in a fairly ‘fancy’ part of town, about a 10-minute walk from the nearest tube. Very safe location – hardly anyone around when I was there mid-to-late afternoon on a weekday. However, she may be moving soon, so you may see her in a different place. Nevertheless, this place was very nice, and her previous apartment was extremely nice, so I assume her next one will be also.
Monique buzzed me in and greeted me from behind the door – as the girls invariably do (especially as how Monique was attired, lol). She then took me through a screened-off, but clearly very nice, lounge-diner area, down a dimly-lit ‘hallway’ to a bright, high-ceilinged bedroom – not spacious, but absolutely more than room enough for a sexy-sensual massage – with a beautifully-made large bed. Spotlessly clean throughout, and with an extremely pleasant fragrance – possibly cedar wood? – just the sort of aroma you’d associate with a tantric massage area. Very nice en-suite bathroom, with a good shower – Monique very considerately spent time getting the temperature just right for both my before- and after-massage showers.

Escort Physical Description
Monique is a TOTAL fantasy woman – akin to ‘Lisa’, the Kelly Le Brock perfect woman ‘creation’ in Weird Science (albeit of a different era) – WOW! She’s a gorgeous, ‘poised’, pale-skinned Brazilian, with luscious, raven-black hair, below her shoulders (which she tied back for the massage), and a TRULY beautiful, finely-featured face, with flashing dark eyes and the cutest of button noses.
And then there’s the body – OMG! Since she was in London last year, Monique’s been back to Brazil for quite some while, where she must have REALLY been working out. She previously had one of the HOTTEST bodies I’d ever had the pleasure to clap my peepers on! This time, my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at the sight of her athletic physique! Like her face, it is a truly beautiful body – slim and lithe, nice, firm boob-job, a pair of the shapeliest, toned legs you’re ever likely to witness, a totally flat, ‘washboard’ torso, with those vertical indentations either side of her 6-pack abs that really take a bit of doing to achieve, and a taut, toned back that you just wanna run your fingers up and down! And, when I turned over during the massage, an absolutely mind-blowing groin/pudendum – totally flat, and SO sexy – WOW! Belly button piercing, an ankle tattoo, and another down the length of her spine which really extenuates that fabulous back! As I say, a total fantasy!
Greeted me, as requested, in towering, black, patent, peep-toe Louboutins, which enhanced her fabulous legs, and a pretty damn short black satin robe, tied just loosely enough to reveal that she was naked underneath (as requested!). And when she slinkily slid out of the rode, letting it fall to the floor, and presented herself to me in nothing but the heels, I thought I might very well have a heart attack, lol!
Having seen Monique previously, she greeted me at the door like an old friend – she is incredibly friendly, anyway, and we just carried on where we left off all those months ago before she returned to Brazil. She is still extremely easy to get on with – chatty, clever and interesting, with a down-to-earth view of human nature and the world in general – and enjoys a joke; we always have quite a laugh. And, although she’s been away for a while, she’s kept her English really quite well – her pronunciation is much better this time around. As before, I had no real problem understanding her; and, as last time, she’ll get better every day.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
10 – The Epitome of Beauty

Services Enjoyed
Massage – Swedish, tantric, erotic, body-to-body, ‘happy ending’.
She is alsooffers aqua massage, and is bi-sexual, so sees couples. Also does four-hands massage with other London Tantric agency ladies.

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Session Details
How excited is a child at Christmas? Well, pretty damn excited, obviously, but not any more excited than me as I hurried down the road to Monique’s!
Previously one of London Tantric’s finest, Monique went back to Brazil last autumn, taking my heart with her, lol, but leaving me with some great memories of our fabulous massage sessions. Didn’t think I’d see her again – but she’s now back in London – hence my excitement!
And, as above, the apartment door opened and, once it had shut, there she was in all her previous glory! Once I’d got my breath back and picked my jaw up off the floor so I could vaguely concentrate, I heard Monique saying that she’d been working on her massage and she thought it was even better than last year. I didn’t see how this could be possible, but, O-M-G, she was SO right! Again it was a supremely sexy-sensual journey through all sorts of Swedish-cum-erotic B2B-cum-tantric massage with a Samba beat! But somehow with more ‘authority’ and with some new ‘moves’. One minute she’d be gently caressing and ‘exploring’ me from head to toe – and everywhere in between – with her hands, fingers, body and breath; the next she’d actually be kneeling on my back, then sliding back down my body (amazing balance) – simultaneously ‘therapeutic’ (certainly ironed out some knots) and sexy-sensual. And this was a two-hour session, during which this wonderful woman kept me FULLY erect and hammer-hard the WHOLE time – respect! Not surprising really, with her down-right, beyond-raunchy, ‘reach-through’ and perineum massage, and that’s on top of what she did to me when I turned over; this lady sure knows how to work a cock – intense and firm, then exquisitely teasing.
Finished off with Monique lying by my leg, facing me, and wanking me whilst using her foot to tease my nipples and armpit – nice bit of Brazilian skill! After all the build-up, my ‘release’ was exceptionally pleasurable!
And, as after our previous sessions, and because she knows I lourve it, whilst she was still naked, she put the Louboutins back on and paraded around for me a bit – an oiled-up fantasy vision – Jeeeesus!
So, a supremely sensual and raunchy erotic massage with the really rather special Monique – SO glad she’s returned. Hope she’s here to stay for a while – I’ll be back soon! ;))

Overall Experience Rating
8 – Mind-blowing

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!

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