Lana Morell of Central London by LonelyDog posted on 03/06/2018

Lana Morell Escort review London Independent Escorts LonelyDog PunterKing 07774503812
Lana Morell of Central London

Review by LonelyDog posted on 03/06/2018

Escort Working Name
Lana Morell

Establishment Name
Independent escort

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Central London


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Length of Service
3 hours

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I have met Lana for the 6th time now since she first started escorting a few months ago. I try to make time to see Lana every time I visit London. Last time she asked if I would write a review, yet she did not specify where. I hope this website is ok. I have never wrote a review before but I couldn’t say no to Lana.

Going through the guide list:

1 Lana’s place is very safe, descrete, and in a very nice part of London.
2 Her place is very clean and tidy. Lana is a very clean and neat person. Her flat is also very stilish and welcoming. I actually prefer spending time at her place, rather than my hotel. It feels homely, and when you travel a lot, this matters.
3 Lana’s location is central and convenient regardless of where you might be traveling from.
4 I reach Lana by taxi. I wouln’d know about potential parking arrangements.
5 The building is discrete and Lana ensures easy and swift entry and exit each time.

Escort Physical Description
Lana is extremily clean, well gromed and feminine. She has a Dcup and a mediterranean bum to die for. Feminine, curvatious, and sexy. She complains she has gained a few pounds but I find her body to be just perfect. Toned, feminine without being heavy. She is used to be very slim which I think is why she complaints. Personally I think she is perfect. She takes great pride in the way she presents herself to you and always wears an elegant dress. Last time she was wearing a fantastic designer dress to die for. When I came out of the shower she had changed into beautiful designer lingerie. Lana has the most beautiful smile and eyes. Her eyes change colour and I melt every time I look at them. Her legs are strong and sexy. But I am a bob man. lana is wonderful.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
8 – Steaming Hot

Services Enjoyed
Lana is a warm, affectionate, cuddly, and sensual being. Lana is passionate and gentle. Yet she builds up to be energetic and intense. We kiss, caress, and touch eachother a great deal. without going into too much details I would say lana is open minded and if she feels comfortable with you she is keen to please. Her and I have kissed, owo, cim, daty (she is very responsive to DATY but does not like fingering), and she was happy to give me a prostate massage when I asked her. Lana makes sure you have a good time, but she also care to make sure she has a good time too. If I am close to cum she will beg me to hold it so that she can cum with me and when sshe does….wow!

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Session Details
Lana offers me a drink, we have a warm up chat in which we catch up on what happened since we last met and as this is going on she makes the first move. I love it when she places her hand on my lap and works her way up. Next is kissing and with a grecious smile on her face she takes me to the bathroom for the shower. When I come out my drink is topped up, and Lana is in lingerie. We start with great DFK and then she likes to give me OWO infront of massive mirrors. We then move on to the bed and the rest is history. Lana is the only woman apart from my ex wife during my first year of marriage, who manages to make me cum twice. The truth is that I feel she seduce my mind as much as she seduses my body. She is very skilled I guess. But I prefer to think that her and I have a connection (fulish I know).

Overall Experience Rating
9 – Unforgettable

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!

Lana Morell Escort review London Independent Escorts LonelyDog PunterKing 07774503812