Maria of London by Marshall posted on 12/11/2017

Maria Escort Review Marshall London Tantric PunterKing 07793203224
Maria of London

Review by Marshall posted on 12/11/2017

Escort Working Name

Establishment Name
London Tantric

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Length of Service
2 hours

Price in GBP

Escort Location
Maria works out of her own flat in a classy, off-road, apartment block in a quiet, very upmarket part of town – hardly anyone around when I was there mid-afternoon.
Nice, clean and tidy flat; beautifully laid-out smallish-but-‘cozy’ bedroom; very good shower and soft towel. Mood lighting and a great, eclectic music selection – not the usual, and slightly predictable, ‘ambient’ soundtrack of most tantric masseuses – as it turned out, pretty much what you would expect of this unique and original lady. And a huge bedside mirror so you can clock the naughty ‘carryings-on’ – absolute heaven for a ‘mirror-junkie’ like me (and a whole load of you guys, I guess, lol!).

Escort Physical Description
To be honest, and not to put too fine a point on it, this lady is the very personification of the phrase ‘fit-as-fuck’! I’ve seen some hot bodies in my time, lol, but Maria’s really has to be right up there with the HOTTEST of the hot bods around – possibly equalled, but surely NEVER bettered?! But the fabulous body is only one aspect of the perfect ‘package’ that’s Maria – she’s a friendly, affectionate and passionate Brazilian beauty, with a lovely face framed by luscious, raven-black hair, and a gorgeous smile that lights up the room! She’s enthusiastic, clever, sassy, interesting and tremendous FUN – had quite a laugh with her (excellent English; sexy accent) – and she has a really ‘naughty-rude’ laugh – I lourved it! The fun side of her personality was evident from her greeting at the door – I’d requested the agency ask Maria to greet me in black lingerie and killer heels. They got back saying Maria could accommodate that, or give me a surprise! Well, me being me went for the surprise – so was met at the door by Maria, with a wink and a laugh, wearing a full-length, red satin gown with loose-fitting hood, up over her head, red bra and knickers, and knee-high black boots – OMG; it was ‘Raunchy Red Riding Hood’! Well, I was bowled over by the sight and humour of her – and that great beginning continued ALL session – WOW!

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
9 – Model Type

Services Enjoyed
Erotic, oiled-up, naked B2B with hand-job ‘happy ending’. Also offers other massages: couples, lesbian, aqua, sports, sensual.

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Session Details
Well, what can I say? I have NEVER had a better time with an erotic masseuse – not EVER! If you’re looking for a gentle, soft, ‘vanilla’ experience, then Maria may not be exactly for you – although she can do that, if you like. But that would deprive you of experiencing her absolute expertise, an oiled-up, kinda sports-tantric-B2B to a samba beat! Maria is incredibly ‘physical’ – fit, strong and athletic, which means she can use that fabulous body of hers to do all sorts of amazing things to you, and with pretty much ALL parts of her body – for example, I’ve never had an erotic masseuse use her chin on me at the same time as her hands and body – WOW, what a unique, and supremely sensory-stimulating experience?! And that was just one of a whole range of original and unusual ‘manoeuvres’. And, of course, there’s the devastating use of nails, and lips, and breath – all of which did actually at times literally take my breath away and leave me gasping. And all the time, there’s this lovely, relaxed, fun element to ‘proceedings’ – and, please, do NOT forget the mirror view, lol! As you might imagine after all the build-up, Maria’s vigorously wanked-out ‘happy ending’ was a real back-arching, expletive-ridden one – I lay on the bed, exhausted and ‘spent’, like a freshly-gutted fish – but in a GOOD way, lol – WOW! Will have to see this amazing lady again – obviously! ;))

Overall Experience Rating
8 – Mind-blowing

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!













Maria Escort Review Marshall London Tantric PunterKing 07793203224