Tanya of London by Marshall posted on 03/10/2017

Tanya of London

Review by Marshall posted on 03/10/2017

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London Tantric

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2 hours

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Escort Location
Her own place – safe area, spotlessly clean, with a nicely made big bed, candles and some great ‘ambient’ music that all created the perfect atmosphere for a supremely sensual session. And, a nice touch, Tanya thoughtfully got the shower temperature just right for me, so I didn’t scald or freeze myself, as I so often do struggling to operate an unfamiliar tap-system at a lady’s place!

Escort Physical Description
Tanya is an incredibly attractive woman – both physically and personality-wise. Genuinely lovely face (I’d say beautiful) with wonderfully large, expressive eyes (two of the loveliest I’ve had the pleasure of seeing gazing at me), and a great body – at least from my perspective – curvy yet toned, beautiful breasts, a tattoo (lower belly) and a couple of piercings – looked SO sexy.
Greeted me as requested in black heels, bra and sexy thong – and I’d suggested she could wear whatever she liked over that little lot, so she chose a grey fur jacket – great choice; looked like she’d just stepped out of an erotic version of Game of Thrones – and she also used it during the massage to caress and tease my back, bum and legs – WOW; that was a ‘first’!
But it’s her brilliant, ‘positive’ personality that does it for me – every time. During our pre-massage chats, she’s adorably vivacious, sparkling, cheerful, chatty, clever, witty and amusing – we always have a laugh together! And then, for the massage, she gets into ‘the zone’ and transforms into a sensuously serene tantric goddess.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
9 – Model Type

Services Enjoyed
Erotic massage, incorporating Swedish style, oiled-up B2B and ‘happy ending’.

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Session Details
I haven’t seen Tanya in nearly a year – NO idea why! So, some things have changed in eleven months – but ALL in a good way. She was a DAMN fine erotic-tantric-Swedish masseuse previously, but she’s even better now – actually hard to believe, but she really is – just shows what a difference a year makes in terms of honing one’s skills and expertise! She still moves effortlessly from her cheery-chatty-adorable persona to being completely in ‘the zone’, intent on giving ultimate pleasure, where you feel almost ‘at one’ with her, but there’s fabulous new elements – for example, the oiled-up B2B was somehow even more sensually intimate, and she’s now utilising ‘props’ to tease and delight – for example, as I mentioned above, her fur jacket – WOW! And then there’s the delicious and exquisite use of a feather ‘tickler’ and, best of all, really, a silk scarf – this lady is beyond-belief sexy. There was much perineum and arm-pit teasing (she knows I lourvve that) and, when I turned over, wanking me whilst facing me, whilst turned sideways on to me and, best of all really, sat astride me in reverse cowgirl, looking back over her shoulder at me whilst working my cock – yowzaaaa! After all this erotic and provocative build-up, my ‘Happy Ending, was exceptionally intense – a real back-arching, expletive-ridden one! Truly, two of the best hours I’ve spent being erotically pampered! Huge thanks, Tanya – I won’t leave it so long next time! 😀 x

Overall Experience Rating
8 – Mind-blowing

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

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Yes! Definitely!















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