Sasha of London by Marshall posted on 30/03/2017

Sasha of London

Review by Marshall posted on 30/03/2017

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London Tantric

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Length of Service
2 hours

Price in GBP

Escort Location
Sasha works out of her own flat in an Edwardian apartment block in a quiet, upmarket area of an otherwise busy and an eclectic part of town – hardly anyone around when I was there mid-to-late afternoon.
Nice, clean and tidy flat, beautifully laid-out bedroom, very good shower and soft towel. Mood lighting and ambient ‘massage music’ complete the welcoming scene. Offered a drink on arrival, including camomile tea (which I actually had a nice cup of at the end of the session).

Escort Physical Description
Sasha is a friendly, affectionate and passionate Brazilian beauty. Exotically ‘dusky’, with the quintessential curvy-yet-toned Brazilian figure, including the all-important, trade-mark ‘booty’, lol! She’s currently taking Muay Thai classes, so really getting fit. Lovely face framed by luscious, highlighted hair, and a toothy-white smile that lights up the room!
My second session with this delightful, adorable, and downright sexy lady – and it was even better than my first visit, which was absolutely superb (which is why I came back for more, lol!). In fact, first session was so good, I very quickly extended from an hour to an hour-and-a-half. So, this time I booked the 90 minutes straight off. However, such was the genuine warmth of Sasha’s greeting, I quickly extended to TWO hours – and, boy, was it worth it!
As I say, greeted me with a lovely kiss and a hug, and wearing heels and nice bra and briefs under a red house coat – looked great; looked even better when that little lot came off; I just loved her caramel-brown body sliding all over me.
And Sasha is great FUN – very good English (with a sexy accent), so I was able to have quite a laugh with her – I was actually very ‘taken’ with her; she’s a good-natured, easy-going, fun-filled little gem.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
8 – Steaming Hot

Services Enjoyed
Oiled-up B2B massage, prostate massage, lingham massage to ‘happy ending’.

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Session Details
“I think you will explode all over the place!”
These words from Sasha as she was taking me teasingly and tantalisingly towards climax, and then backing off, before re-starting – and on we’d go. So, with this extended build-up, she did indeed have me shooting cum hither and thither, with me gasping and arching and laughing at the intensity of my orgasm – well worthy of our post-climax, spunky high-five, lol! ;))
Meanwhile, the getting to this point had been an exciting journey of sexy-sensual, erotic B2B-cum-tantric massage with a Samba beat! Sasha entranced me one minute with her gorgeous, flashing smile, before changing effortlessly the next moment to burning me up with the most provocatively sultry gaze as she unleashed another ‘move’ on me – I was the proverbial putty in her skilful hands as she ‘explored’ my body from head to toe, and everywhere in between!
As I mentioned above, I ended up with a two-hour session – during which this wonderful woman kept me FULLY erect and hammer-hard the WHOLE time – respect – WOW! To be honest, her down-right, beyond-raunchy, ‘reach-through’ and perineum massage was worth the ‘entrance fee’ alone, and that’s on top of what she did to me when I turned over; this lady sure knows how to work a cock – intense and firm, then exquisitely teasing. And then there’s the nipple and arm-pit teasing – at one point, Sasha was wanking my cock, teasing one of my nipples with her tongue and lips, whilst simultaneously raking one of my arm-pits with her nails – OMG, consummate skill; it just goes on!
So, a supremely sensual and raunchy erotic massage with Sasha – I’ll be back soon – I just know there’s even more excitement to cum in a third visit! ;))

Overall Experience Rating
8 – Mind-blowing

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!

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