Nina Vogue of London by Marshall posted on 15/02/2017

Nina Vogue of London

Review by Marshall posted on 15/02/2017

Escort Working Name
Nina Vogue



Escort Telephone Number

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Type of Visit

Length of Service
2 hours

Price in GBP

Escort Location
Nina texted me with no address but with directions that took me on a shortish ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ through a pretty quiet, and seemingly safe area of North London (certainly when I was there late afternoon) with her as the ‘Prize’ at the end!
Directions were brill, and route easy-peasy, but then I couldn’t open the damn door, try as I might (maybe I was a tad too eager to get my prize?) – so a hand ‘appeared’, snakelike, from behind an adjacent door and ushered me, now laughing at my ineptitude, in through the door, to find a highly amused Nina – and that’s how it continued – just great FUN!
Beautifully appointed, spacious apartment with a comfy sofa in the kitchenette/lounge area for a bit of ‘getting-to-know-you’ preamble, and a fabulous bedroom – more like an enticing ‘boudoir’, with mood lighting and a couple of huge mirrors, one either side of the big bed – sheer heaven for all you mirror-junkies out there who, like me, get off on watching the ‘action’ – especially as the action with Nina is SO well worth watching!
Good shower – nice towel.

Escort Physical Description
If, like me, you like what you get a glimpse of in @Nina Vogue’SEX X X’s AW pics, then you’ll absolutely spunk your pants when you clap your peepers on her in the flesh! ;)) A tall, tanned, tattooed, ‘poised’ Euro ‘uber-babe’ – a TOTAL fantasy woman – WOW! Genuinely beautiful face framed by a tangle of long blonde hair, and one of THE hottest, gym-toned, perky-boobed, peachy-bum bodies you will EVER have the pleasure to witness – my downwardly-dropping jaw hit my simultaneously upwardly-mobile cock so hard, I thought I’d chipped a tooth!
Greeted me, as requested, in nothing but towering ankle strappies – happened to be Jimmy Choos (classy shoes for a classy lady) – and an expensive-looking black thong and bra combo – I did actually fall to my knees in worship of this smokin’ hot sex Goddess – Aphrodite, eat your heart out!
And Nina has a personality to match her looks – ‘sparkling’ would be a good word – I was dazzled by her sense of fun and delightful, quick-witted sense of humour.
Ludicrously easy to get along with – but then again, I can’t imagine there’s too many people she wouldn’t get along with.
Welcoming, sexy, sassy, clever, educated, chatty etc, etc – you name it, she’s got it – more ingredients to add to the fantasy that is Nina!
And – just to reiterate – great FUN! ;D

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
9 – Model Type

Services Enjoyed
Brilliant value for money – within not too long of me arriving and having a chat, Nina decided she might start getting my clothes off – well, I musta set a world record for helping her out, lol! ;)) And we’re straight into it – from lounge to bedroom – OWO and DT with/without wanking, delicious DATY, ‘toys’, teasing, more wanking, and fucking in various positions. Nowhere near enough time to work through the extensive ‘Enjoys’ list on her AW profile page, but I was MORE than satisfied – strikes me that there’s not too much that Nina won’t do! ;))
And excellent ‘comms’ throughout – very professional (kept me informed) and delightfully friendly – basically, Nina’s just brilliant (as least from my perspective, from this session)!

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Was the Escort a Smoker?

Session Details
‘She’s a little bit long and a little bit mean; that’s the kinda woman make a man feel mean’ – the sadly-departed Alex Harvey (in ‘Snake Bite’) musta met Nina! ;))
Well, she didn’t make me feel ‘mean’, exactly, but Nina sure as hell got me going so much that I just wanted to really get stuck into her and wallow in her sexuality (well, she isn’t called @Nina Vogue’SEX X X for nothing!) – from starting with me feeling her up from behind as she wiggled and wriggled and flexed and arched on all-fours on the bed, all in ‘panoramic’ mirror view, to finishing up with her sitting astride me whilst wanking-edging my cock – and all the time she just burned me up with her smouldering gaze and provocative facial expressions, whilst ‘challenging’ me with outrageous ‘dirty talk’ – this woman delivers THE perfect PFE (Porn Friend Experience)! – this woman delivers THE perfect PFE (Porn Friend Experience)!
In between, there was DATY-ing-to-orgasm on one of the most beautiful, neat-and-tidy pussies I’ve ever had the pleasure to go down – it just nestles invitingly in the ‘Y’ of a pair of the lithest thighs out there! And some riotously vigorous, no-holding-back, raunch-fucking – leading to ‘Round 1’ ending with an explosive, sumo-doggy-style, de-spunking that left me gasping and laughing at how intense it was!
‘Round 2’ was gonna include some anal – OMG, just imagine that – fuuuuck! However, Nina had forewarned me that she was pretty tight and it might not happen. Well, it didn’t – but not through ANY lack of trying on her part – no sireeee – she was such a trouper – great girl! I wasn’t AT ALL bothered – she’s so damn hot anyway. She says she’ll practice for our next session – bless her!
So, a totally brilliant sesh with a TOTALLY brilliant woman – pretty perfect – NO better way to spend time without your clothes on!
I WILL be back! ;)) xx

Overall Experience Rating
10 – The Best!!!

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!










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