Abelia of London by GR444 posted on 26/02/2017

Abelia of London

Review by GR444 posted on 26/02/2017

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Diva Escort

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1 hour

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Nice luxury apartment in Bayswater. It was nice and clean and was a great atmosphere to have sex in.

Escort Physical Description
Busty Brunette with big boobs and a curvy physique. She wore all black with fishnet stockings. The pictures are fairly accurate.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
6 – Good Looking

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Session Details
Abelia is a beautiful brunette woman with a more mature, curvy and busty figure. Her apartment was a decent size and luxurious compared to a few of the other places I have visited. When I walked in my eyes were immediately drawn to her big juicy boobs which is the main attraction when it comes to Abelia. She greeted me with a kiss and began to seduce me with her nice German accent (I think). This was my first time with a German lady (?) and so this was a massive turn on. She wore all black with black stockings but I didn’t really care about that I just wanted to get to the good bit and see her busty naked body. She began with a OWO which was good and then proceeded to stripping off and boy were her boobs lush. I sucked on her hard nipples for a bit and then went to bang her in the bathroom. Banging her from behind looking at us in the mirror at us was a highlight. We did that turned her over to get a better view of her boobs then into the bedroom. The sex overall was good but I wouldn’t categorise it necessarily as amazing. She is fit for purpose but I felt she just went through the motions a little. That being said if you are a boobs man I would definitely recommend Abelia.

Overall Experience Rating
6 – Average

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, maybe…

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes, but with reserve.













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