Emma of London by Marshall posted on 09/02/2017

Emma of London

Review by Marshall posted on 09/02/2017

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07895 983974

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Length of Service
2 hours

Price in GBP

Escort Location
Upmarket flat in an upmarket and eclectic part of town – very safe; seen Emma quite a few times and, as ever, hardly anyone around when I was there late afternoon/early evening. Beautifully set out bedroom, with mood lighting, candles and ‘ambient’ music – and even candles in the bathroom – Emma always goes all out to make sure this really was, as usual, the best session she can give. And the bathroom is absolutely spotless – cleaner than mine, in fact, lol – with a good shower and soft towels.

Escort Physical Description
A fabulously statuesque, tall, toned, tanned Tantric goddess who looked as if she’d just descended from Mount Kilimanjaro specifically to pleasure me!
Emma greeted me, as requested, in a black leather jacket (which I’d had her wear in a previous visit, and she looked damn hot!) – undone, with no bra, to give a tantalising glimpse of perky breast – killer-heeled peep-toes, and THE tiniest black thong/G-string known to man – nevertheless, it still managed to incorporate a zip which, if undone slightly, might very well lead to a near-pudendum ‘reveal,’ lol! ;)).
Lovely face with fabulous eyes that seem as if they might gaze into your very soul. Delightfully friendly – gave me her usual genuinely warm welcome and a cool drink. As the session unfolded, I remembered how Emma is a completely lovely person who really wants to give you the best time possible and goes all out to make sure you have a great time.

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
9 – Model Type

Services Enjoyed
Oiled-up B2B massage with ‘happy’ ending’. Emma also offers some ‘naughty’ extras.
She offers 4-handed massage (with a friend), dinner date. overnight, and has a couple of ‘pampering’ packages, She also sees women and couples.

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Session Details
WARNING! Spoiler Alert!
Emma has gotta be THE best erotic-tantric-B2B masseuse out there.
So, that’s it, really – nuff said! ;))
However, if you’d like a bit more info as to why I say that, then please read on ….
Seen Emma a few times, so started off as usual with a nice, warm, relaxing shower. Then, as ever, I’m eagerly back into the bedroom to find Emma, out of her jacket – WOW! – asking me to lie face down on the bed for what turned out to be a beyond-belief Tantric massage – Emma is INCREDIBLY skilled! I lay on my pleasingly-‘developing’ erection as Emma slowly and sensually ran her hands and fingers expertly all over my increasingly receptive body, meanwhile gently blowing on my face and ears, and ruffling my hair whilst intermittently squeezing and tantalising my bum-crack and perineum. And then Emma oils me up for ‘stage 2’, but now with naked, full-on, sensual B2B as she slides that exquisite body of hers ALL over me. I’m in some sort of 7th heaven; but the 8th level was soon forth-cumming as Emma invited me to turn over – oO-mM-gG! I now had full view of the magnificent, oil-slicked-bodied Emma whilst she slid and rubbed and tantalised and caressed me ALL over. And this is where those fabulous eyes come in – Emma maintains eye contact pretty much throughout – with a sensually smouldering gaze so highly sexually-charged I thought I might discover if spontaneous human combustion was possible! By now, Emma’s using her hands, fingers and every part of her body on every part of me, with my nipples intermittently receiving an outrageous tongue-flicking! I’m now pretty much more excited than I’ve any right to be as Emma ups the pace into an oiled-up, riotous wank-a-go-go – ending, after all the build-up, in a blistering orgasm – incredibly intense. I staggered off to the shower on unsteady legs! Then it was a lovely kiss ‘Goodbye’ from Emma, and off I floated down the road – as always. This was yet another SUPERB Tantric experience with the incomparable Emma – absolutely couldn’t recommend her more highly – I will most certainly be going back for yet another visit. 😀 x

Overall Experience Rating
9 – Unforgettable

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!

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