Poppy of London by Marshall posted on 25/11/2016

Poppy of London

Review by Marshall posted on 25/11/2016

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London Tantric

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2 hours

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Haha – well, I’ve ended up in some strange situations with this ‘hobby’, as I’m sure you guys have, but this was a belter – texted address wasn’t actually Poppy’s place, lol! Wandered around, with intermittent contact with good old Anna at LT updating me on directions, and eventually found the right entrance – nobody’s fault, just some crossed wires somewhere down the line!
Smallish, but clean-and-tidy flat, comfy bed for the massage, with low lighting, candles, and a sensual ‘soundtrack’, all making for perfect ambience to our session.
And a mirrored-door wardrobe at the foot of the bed – if you get your head propped-up on a couple of pillows, you can get a tantalising glimpse of naked Poppy as she works her sensual magic on you – WOW!
Smallish bathroom, but decent-size shower – and was easy to control water temperature! Nice towel.

Escort Physical Description
They say good things come in small packages – well, Poppy is the very epitome of that adage! A genuine beauty – lovely face, framed by a slightly unruly mane of luscious, blonde-highlighted hair – I lourve that look. And then there’s the eyes – OMG – big and blue-green and sparkling – seems as if they might gaze into your very soul! And don’t forget the body – small-but-perfectly-proportioned, taut and tight and gym-toned, sporting a pair of the perkiest boobs I’ve ever had the pleasure of clapping my eyes on!
Greeted me in nothing but a filmy, black, mostly see-through robe – blinkin’ heck; my jaw hit the floor so hard I thought I’d chipped a tooth!
And Poppy is absolutely delightful – clever and ‘sassy’, with a truly endearing, chatty, cheerful, bubbly personality – and a very attractive accent! Incredibly easy to chat to – she made me most welcome. Basically, Poppy’s just brilliant!

Overall Escort Physical Appearance Rating
9 – Model Type

Services Enjoyed
Erotic massage with oiled-up B2B and ‘happy ending’.
Poppy also offers aqua massage (in bath or shower) and four-handed massage.

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Session Details
Poor Poppy! What with me having trouble finding her place, and having to relay directions to me ‘second-hand’ via Anna, by the time I’d found her door and she’d let me in, the adorable creature was stressed and flustered! But I really didn’t mind – I was more intrigued than put-out by the ‘directions chaos’, lol!
So, I might have actually benefitted from this – she soon calmed down, telling me she actually got relaxed by performing her massage – so, let’s get Poppy relaxed, I say, lol – and off we go into sexy-sensual massage land where all is laid back, effortlessly relaxing whilst nevertheless erotically tantalising.
This was the epitome of ‘The Slow Build-Up’, as Poppy gently massaged me to sensual heaven, with superbly teasing use of her hands, fingers, hair, lips and breath. She’s very ‘affectionate’, and didn’t mind a bit of mutual touching – I assume she’s got limits (this was a massage session, after all), but she seemed to appreciate a bit of ‘respectful’, gentle caressing. And, because we’d had a late start due to the ‘directions dilemma’, Poppy still gave me the full 90 minutes – in fact, we ran over that a bit – she certainly wasn’t a clock-watcher.
So, a teasingly slow and enormously pleasurable massage experience with a truly gorgeous and lovely lady – will DEFINITELY have to do this again – obviously, lo; particularly as I will now be able to find her place first time! ;)) xx

Overall Experience Rating
8 – Mind-blowing

Would You Book This Escort Again?
Yes, I can’t wait!

Would You Recommend This Escort To Your Mates?
Yes! Definitely!













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