Gala of London by mikeck posted on 17/11/2016

Gala of London

Review by mikeck posted on 17/11/2016

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Angels of London

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1 hour

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easy to find apartment. small but well formed and loads of clean towels and bedding was fresh

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As soon as i walked in i was struck by how long Gala’s legs were, they were like seriously long! stunning legs without doubt some of the best pins i have come across. alongside that she has a great smile and amazing hair not to mention the rest of of her is pretty great too. all in all a fantastic package. her english is broken but you can converse ok. Dont think you could put the world to rights but you can do the niceties.

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9 – Model Type

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After i arrived she was very welcoming and seemed up for it, i got the impression at first that she was a bit of a man eater as she kept eyeing me up and down and looking at my bulge which was growing rapidly.

We didn’t talk for long and she soon stepped into me and felt my bum smiled and walked to the bed. looking back at me all seductive. i followed and she soon undid my belt and started kissing me through my boxers which were soon wet from both sides! she was really seductive in the way she undressed me and then as i undressed her she was getting turned on just by me undoing her clothes! this girl was up for it.

I was right she was a handful, she was all over me like a rash. She sucked me so hard and long on my cock and balls her tongue was everywhere it seemed. She was definitely not just going through the motions! And she was good at it too. when she straddled me and rubbed her wet pussy on me it was so hot and then when she let it slide in her it was immense. i think just the fact that she seemed to be having a good time made it way better than it could have been. She was receptive to ideas, didnt seem to have many boundaries, she loved being spanked, and was very good at what she did.

i would definitely go back.

Overall Experience Rating
8 – Mind-blowing

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Yes, I can’t wait!

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Yes! Definitely!














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